Microsoft Azure Master Service Agreement

d. Customer Data. You are solely responsible for the content of all customer data. You warrant and guarantee all rights to customer data necessary for us to provide the online services to you without infringing the rights of third parties or obliging Microsoft to you or third parties. Microsoft assumes no obligation with respect to customer data or use of the product, except as expressly set forth in this agreement or as required by applicable law. Restrictions. Our obligations in paragraph 5.a. do not apply to claims or bonuses based on customer solutions, customer data, non-Microsoft products, changes you make to the product, or services or materials you provide or provide in connection with the use of the product; (ii) your combination of the product with or damages based on the value of customer data or a non-Microsoft product, data or business processes; (iii) your use of a Microsoft trademark without our express written consent or your use of the product, after we have asked you to terminate the product under a third party claim; (iv) retransmission or use of the product for the benefit of unrelated third parties; or (v) products made available free of charge. The new customer agreement will be available in select regions in 2019.

No no. Continue to purchase and use your Azure services as usual. You will be notified if the new agreement is available to your organization. one. Right of Use. We grant you the right to access and use the Online Services, as well as to install and use the software contained in your subscription, as set forth in this Agreement. We reserve all other rights. If an organization does not want to switch to the Microsoft Customer Agreement, it can choose to use a partner-managed service through a cloud solution provider (CSP), depending on frequently asked questions by Microsoft.

b. Transfer and assignment of license. You may not assign all or part of this agreement or transfer licenses without Microsoft`s consent. « Online Terms of Service » means the terms applicable to the use of products available in The Terms applicable to the Online Services contain terms that govern your use of products that apply in addition to the terms of this Agreement. . . .