Women`s Soccer Collective Bargaining Agreement

Although, as the Wall Street Journal reported, new marketing deals focused on women`s equality suggest that « there are signs that American women`s struggle for equal pay has triggered more marketing deals for the association. » One sign is the record sales of the USWNT home kit. Nike CEO Mark Parker said the jersey « is now the number one football jersey, men or women, never sold on Nike.com in a season. » The documents also included separate collective agreements for each team, which showed how salary structures differ for each team. Some statements from USWNT members were also included in the submissions. U.S. Soccer cited separate contracts as justification for the wage gap in a statement to The Associated Press. « Simply comparing what WNT players received under their own CBA with what they would have received under the MNT CBA reduces the value the team gave to the guaranteed benefits they received under their agreement, » the decision said, « which they chose at the expense of bonuses based on higher performance. » The judge said the women`s contract guarantees that the players will be paid, whether they play or not. Men are paid when they are called to camp to play and then participate in a game. On this point, according to Klausner, the plaintiff`s statements « are not sufficient to justify a real dispute ». Now, after years of frustration between players and the federation, the USWNT points to its successes and widespread popularity as a factor in the pursuit of equal pay.

They have won four of the eight World Cup titles since the championship Games began in 1991 and four Olympic gold medals since the first women`s football tournament in 1996. After the rhetoric of both sides increased in February and the first week of March, the Federation backtracked on the most controversial of its arguments. Cordeiro resigned on March 12 when fans and sponsors responded to the wording of court records to show that players were not working with the same skills, effort and responsibility. The gap is that U.S. Soccer denied long before Cordeiro`s takeover that the past is the right point of comparison: things are better for the women`s team members now than they have been in the past, and the federation will continue to work with the players to improve things in the future. Point. U.S.. Soccer and its men`s and women`s national teams have a fundamental disagreement that cannot be resolved.