Toyota Agreement Number

11. Your decision to obtain your customer data protection policy and other important disclosures only in electronic form. You may only receive certain important policies and disclosures in electronic form for each account you have added to your online account services. The types of policies and disclosures you only wish to obtain in electronic form depend on the status of your account and the opening of your account for personal, family or household or business purposes. If you have added an account to your online account services for personal, family or budgetary purposes, you can only obtain your current customer data protection policy for that account in electronic form. If you decide to obtain a directive or disclosure in electronic form only, an image of this directive or this publication will be available to you after you register for your online account services and, except in certain circumstances, we will stop sending this directive or disclosing you. Even if you have chosen to obtain a directive or disclosure in electronic form, we may send you such policy or disclosure by email if we are legally required to another person on your account to prefer this policy or paper disclosure, to delete the account from your online account services or if we otherwise decide, in our sole discretion, send You this directive or disclosure on paper. We may send you emails to your account management email address regarding decisions you make to receive instructions and advertisements only in electronic form, including, but not limited to, confirmations of your choices and the availability or delivery of such policies and disclosures in electronic form. If your email address for account management changes or is disabled, you will notify us immediately by updating your email address for managing your account on the Site.

We may send you these emails, whether or not the address you have chosen contains a name for service or notification to a particular person and whether someone other than you can access and/or read emails sent to the address. We cannot guarantee that emails will be received, including, but not limited to, forwarding emails by third parties. We may at any time and for any reason terminate your decision to obtain a directive or disclosure in electronic form, including, but not limited to, if you breach the terms of your account, online account services or the Site, revoke your consent to online policies and agreements or your consent to online communications and agreements, or you or us cancel your online account services in whole or in part. This section on your decision to obtain your customer privacy policy and other important information only in electronic form does not apply to your billings. Information on receiving your accounts electronically can be found in the Section Deleting Paper Invoices. 6. Collection and disclosure of personal data. one.

Service or promotion data. There are cases where we request personal data to provide a service or correspondence to site visitors (e.g. B promotions and brochures sent). This information, such as name, mailing address, email address, account number, the last four digits of your social security number or the type of request is collected and stored in a way that matches the type of data and used to respond to your request. . . .