Nats Strategic Partnership Agreement

In partnership with other European national aviation authorities (NAA) under the EESA contract, CAAi made more than 30 training deliveries to Southeast Asia in 2017 and carried out NAA « health check-ups » to support EASA`s efforts to strengthen surveillance and regulatory expertise in the region. The agreement was signed between NATS Services Ltd and Heathrow Airport Ltd. In order to achieve the greatest positive influence on global aviation standards, CAAi has many other partnerships, trade and cooperation agreements with governments, national aviation authorities, agencies and organisations around the world, to enable CAAi to fully support ICAO`s strategic objectives and complement the broader cooperation of the UK CAA with ICAO. NATS Services Limited, the UK`s leading provider of air navigation services and CAAi, have entered into a cooperation agreement that allows cooperation on overseas advisory and capacity building programmes to improve global air transport standards. For more information, please contact the customer affairs team via email The Strategic Partnership Agreement was signed in April. We are committed to establishing strategic partnerships with aviation institutions, agencies, funding agencies and other ICAO member states, taking a collaborative approach to addressing major aviation challenges and achieving uniform standards for air traffic regulation around the world. Our partners and collaborators include: Aireon operates the world`s first aerial space surveillance system for aircraft equipped with automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B). Aireon is using next-generation aerial surveillance technologies, which were previously on the ground, and is expanding their reach around the world to significantly improve efficiency, improve safety, reduce emissions and provide cost savings to all concerned. Aireon`s high-fidelity, low-latency monitoring data is available for a variety of applications and allows aviation industry partners to access groundbreaking data features that improve asset tracking, aircraft situation awareness and support for analytics tool decisions. In partnership with leading PEOPLE globally, such as NAV CANADA, Enav, NATS, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and Naviair and Iridium Communications, Aireon provides real-time global and space flight data to improve air traffic monitoring, innovation and analysis. For more information, see The partnership is effective and essentially has a number of specific working principles and incentives in areas ranging from service delay and resilience to aircraft noise reduction.

The aim of the takeover is to develop a long-term partnership in which NATS and our customers work together to resolve demand/capacity issues and maximize the use of airspace capacity in a safe, orderly and timely manner. « We believe this is an important step in the FAA`s efforts to create a change in the management and operation of U.S. airspace, » said Don Thoma, Aireon`s CEO. « Aireon`s mission is to improve the safety and efficiency of air navigation using the space-based ADS-B, and we are pleased to see how this partnership can advance the modernization of one of the world`s most important airspaces, with real-time global data. » Through this partnership, NATS and Heathrow Airport will strive to improve performance through service and technology innovations, deliver benefits for airlines and deliver a first-class passenger experience for the public.