Make Good Agreement Water Act

Where appropriate, a notice of direction may be issued to the owner of the resource, in which an assessment of the drilling is carried out and an agreement is negotiated, even if the effects have not been predicted in the UWIR. The directly affected area and the long-term affected area in a UWIR only predicts a drop in water levels. Not all boreholes are automatically adapted to make-good. Monitoring may be the preferred measure if a borehole is not affected for several years. With regard to boreholes which are the subject of a communication of instruction, the notice shall indicate the study – a drop in water level or free gas – that the owner must carry out to determine whether the drilling is compromised or likely to suffer. The two lines of inquiry are outlined in the guideline. When carrying out a well assessment, the resource company must collect information about water drilling, such as: with regard to the obligations under Chapter 3 of the Water Act, existing rental houses have the advantage of being largely excluded from the most distressing.10 Owners of existing rental houses must, however, fulfil some of the « post-performance service obligations ». under the general provisions of the Agreement in Chapter 3, Part 4, of the Water Act.11 The effects on drilling caused by resource activity may change for a number of reasons. .

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