Clp Agreement Adobe

The Adobe CLP agreement is an agreement that grants UCL a discount on Adobe products of indefinite duration. The discount is based on stages, based on our annual editions of Adobe. Volume Discounts: Adapted on the basis of a negotiated agreement The last order date for the K-12 License site was February 27, 2015. Customers who have previously purchased K-12 location licenses may continue to use them in accordance with Adobe`s K-12 Localization License Usage Policies until their current agreement expires. For the purposes of these pages, « transfer » means a change in ownership and does not mean a change in license management within the same entity or between entities or departments covered by a single agreement. 1.1. « K-12 Education Institution » means a primary or secondary school that is a qualified educational institution, as defined in the CLP Education Agreement. Contact your Adobe Education Authorized reseller for TLP qualifications. The purpose of this page is to provide all uCL employees with quick and easy access to information related to the Adobe CLP Agreement. This page will be updated when changes are made to the agreement.

The Adobe CLP agreement does not provide any support. The Servicedesk may offer limited support to the products that are part of its services and can be contacted at ext 25000 or by e-mail at IT Services. The Adobe CLP agreement allows UCL employees to install a purchased license on a personal computer for business purposes, as long as they are not used simultaneously. Adobe K-12 localization licenses for certain Adobe software may be ordered by accredited educational institutions as part of Adobe`s Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) and Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) and only in countries where K-12 localization licenses are offered. If your institution has ordered a K-12 localization license, explain by copying, installing, or using Adobe software made available to your institution in accordance with the K-12 localization license, copying, installing, or using some or all of them, Adobe software made available to your institution in accordance with the K-12 localization license. agrees that your institution is subject to the following conditions and accepts them. With the current End User License Agreement for the Adobe Software Product (EULA), the K-12 Site License Terms govern your installation`s use of the Adobe Software. As used in these K-12 conditions of licence, any wholesale terms that are not defined elsewhere in the K-12 conditions of licence have the importance attributed to those terms in EASA.

The conditions of licence for the K-12 site replace the EULA to the extent that there is a contradiction between the terms. . . .