Teaming Agreement

A team agreement is defined as follows by the Contract Defense Audit Agency: A team agreement is a kind of team agreement that consists of a senior contractor and another company acting as a subcontractor. The two meet to follow the orders of the government. Thanks to team agreements, companies are better positioned when awarding contracts. This type of agreement can work particularly well for small businesses that want access to contracts they cannot get on their own. A team agreement includes two or more companies that combine resources to provide a government mission. Typically, it is a large company and one or more small businesses, the large group being the main contractor in government and the smallest and subcontractor for the prime contractor. The greatest risk of these agreements is that, once the agreement is reached, the smallest company will not receive the expected share of work if the project offer is awarded. It is therefore important that the team agreement specify whether the principal contractor intends to sub-order the potential subcontractor if the principal contractor obtains the contract in question. The agreement should also cover, among other things, the protection of the protected data concerned. Like any business relationship, you should know what you are getting into. Protecting your company`s interests is a top priority.

Although not limited, there are some drawbacks to team agreements: in the construction industry, which is now competitive, companies choose to partner with outside parties to pursue government contracts. However, the complexity of each contract must be understood before it enters. It`s always a good idea to get help from a brandon lawyer who can give an invaluable insight into the contracts. We give you an overview of the team agreements and discuss some of the pros and cons of these agreements. Cooperation in agreements can be a way for companies to succeed. There are advantages to cooperation with other parties. Some of them include: A team agreement (a team agreement) is a contract between two or more parties (team members) that is used to regulate rights and obligations when one of them executes an offer or contract with a third party (Prime Contract). Once the Prime contract is concluded between the third party and the team member 1, a sub-contract between the Team 1 member and the other team members is executed to enable the Team 1 member to fulfill his obligations under the Prime contract. The senior contractor is responsible for the entire project and must ensure the completion of the project. The subcontractor is responsible for the implementation of certain parts of the project, as described in the contract. Contractors and subcontractors remain independent instead of working as a partnership.

We specialize in the development of quality contracts and we have supported many companies with team agreements. Please contact us at or 1800 730 617 for a free and non-binding chat about your specific situation. Team agreements must be renegotiated for each new Prime contract. There is also a risk that one team member will bypass or bypass the other team member to enter into contracts directly with the third party or that one team member will solicit clients or collaborators from the other. This is why clear non-circumvention clauses are important elements of team agreements. If you need help preparing a team contract or joint venture, call me for a non-binding and confidential discussion. Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is only provided for general information on education. This information is not legal advice, is not designed as legal advice, nor should it be used as legal advice for your particular model or situation.

Sublease Agreement Ontario Template

After completing the document, the tenant and subtenant must sign the contract, as does the lessor in all provinces except New Brunswick. In New Brunswick, the initial lease announces whether the lessor must also sign the sublease agreement. This rental agreement helps you explain all the rights and responsibilities necessary to rent the property to a subtenant. The document allows you to describe the property, organize who will collect the rents, determine the amount and frequency of rents and indicate whether the subtenant is obliged to pay a down payment to the landlord. You can also read more details in this document. The sublease must not exceed the length of time for which the original tenant has agreed to rent the property, as indicated in the main tenancy agreement (also known as the initial lease). The subtenant and subtenant must sign the sublease and keep a copy for their registrations. In addition, the subtenant should either attach a copy of the master lease to the sublease agreement or deliver it directly to the subtenant. A sublease provides details of the tenancy agreement between the subtenant and the subtenant, including whether: a subletting is common when a tenant has to move temporarily during the tenancy period and finds a third party who pays for rent while he or she is away. This agreement can be used if the original tenant is removed from the property part of the remaining term of the original tenancy agreement.

If the original tenant plans to be removed from the property for the remainder of the life, another document called a home transfer contract is required. The subtenant can pay the rent to either the landlord or tenant to take over the space originally rented by the landlord. The parties to a residential lease agreement are: The undersigned, the lessor in the Master Lease of November 27, 2020, agrees in writing the sublease contract above. The landlord will notify both the subtenant and the subtenant of a tenant`s breach as part of the master-leasing. Other names for the document: Apartment Sublease Agreement, Rental Sublease Agreement, Residential Property Sublease Agreement, Room Sublease Agreement, Sublease Agreement As long as you have the owner`s permission, you can sublet any type of accommodation, such as a house, condo or apartment. However, a tenant may also sublet part of the premises to a subtenant, z.B a: By signing the sublease contract, the subtenant agrees to be bound to all the terms of the initial tenancy agreement between the original tenant and the lessor. Therefore, at the time of signing the sublease contract, the subtenant had to be in possession of a copy of the original tenancy agreement. A sublease contract is a legally binding contract between all parties, including the tenant, tenant and lessor. A housing lease agreement allows a tenant who has a lease agreement on a residential property to reject his rights to the property, so that a new person, known as a subtenant, can take over all or part of a property in his place. If, for the remainder of the lease, the premises must be occupied by someone other than the tenant, it is not a sublease, but an assignment of the lease, for which another document is required.

Stock Purchase Agreement Free

A share purchase agreement explains the terms of the purchase of shares between the owner of the company and another party. The owner of shares may be the company itself or one of the shareholders of the company. Whether you are a buyer or seller, a written share purchase agreement can help you protect your interests and responsibilities. You should provide details such as the name of the limited company whose shares are sold using a share purchase agreement model; Who sells the stock; Who will buy the stock The number of shares sold and the face value of each share; When and where the closure is made and how much « serious money » deposited by the buyer before the final deposit. Empty lines in « XIII. Additional Terms and Conditions » look for additional information that is included in this agreement but is not yet addressed. All of these additions or restrictions must be consistent with national and federal laws. In the absence of additional provisions, conditions, restrictions or considerations, it is strongly recommended that this fact be displayed by typing the word « none. » This means that only the statements (without additions) discussed in this agreement apply to the purchase of shares. You need a share purchase agreement if you want to sell shares in your company. In some cases, the buyer may need an action health check.

This research is considered the « due diligence period, » which is the title of the sixth section. If the seller and buyer agree that a deadline should be allowed for such a search, check the first box to be contributed in this section. The exact date of the calendar and the time of the end of the due diligence must be recorded. This is the time when the buyer must submit his decision to continue this transaction. Document the month and calendar day discussed in the line « … Buyer Shall Have Until » will then note the corresponding calendar year in the next empty line. Once you are done, set the last period of the day when the buyer`s decision to buy or finish must be given with the formatted lines that follow the word « At » to do so.

Special Protocol Assessment (Spa) Agreement

The path to a successful SPA requires thorough preparation and seamless execution. Camargo has extensive experience in developing successful spa agreements with the FDA and can help manage the uncertainty surrounding ASS. Contact Camargo for strong policy recommendations for the effective use of a SPA as part of a 505 (b) (2) drug development program. 1) Written agreement between the FDA and the sponsor, or the protocols likely to be submitted to the SPA application are animal carcinogenicity protocols, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical stability protocols, animal efficacy protocols, testing protocols intended to serve as the basis for efficacy and protocols necessary for clinical trials to demonstrate biosimilarity or interchangeability of the proposed biosimilar. Special Protocol AuditThe SPA procedure is a procedure by which the FDA provides formal assessments and written guidelines on the design and size of proposed Phase 3 protocols, which will serve as the basis for an NOA. For more information on the SPA process, see: « VVC is a widespread and serious disease with significant morbidity, but there is only one oral option to treat acute episodes and no authorized product for the prevention of VVC relapse, » said Marco Taglietti, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of SCYNEXIS. « This spa agreement for the design of CANDLE`s Phase 3 studies illustrates the regulatory pathway for admission to recurrent VVC. The results of this study and the two ongoing acute VVC studies, Phase 3, may support the positioning of oral ibrexafungerp as the primary means of VVC treatment and relapse prevention. In addition, a sub-study nested in the CANDLE study will provide valuable data to assess the efficacy of Ibrexafungerp in patients with VVC, even multiple doses of fluconazole have not been sufficiently resolved by acute infection, which will differentiate ibrexafungerp from currently available treatments. While an SPA agreement indicates that the FDA has found that the sponsor`s proposed study has been properly developed to support the FDA`s acceptance criteria for its NDA or BLA, a SPA does not guarantee the success of the product`s application. Correction of the SPA agreement may occur if the proponent does not fully comply with the agreed protocol or if the final test results are not favourable.

Even if the study is conducted as planned and the agreed objectives are successfully met, the FDA may refuse to submit or approve the application. The CANDLE study is a phase 3, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study designed to assess the efficacy and tolerance of oral Ibrexafungerp versus placebo in women with relapsed CVV (defined as three or more in the past 12 months). The main endpoint of the study is efficacy, measured by the percentage of patients without recurrence of VVC, until their Cure test evaluation (OCD) at week 24. The secondary criteria of the study are the evaluation of VVC recurrences at other times, the time of reappearance, the eradication of mycological and the evaluation of quality of life. All patients in the CANDLE study initially receive three doses of oral fluconazole to treat their acute episode present during screening. Patients who respond to oral fluconazole for their acute episode are enrolled in preventing the recurrence period of the study and are randomized to oral ibrexafungerp (300 mg of IDB for one day) or placebo, once a month for a total of six days of treatment. Patients who do not respond sufficiently to fluconazole treatment for their acute episode are included in a nested open-label sub-study that offers them a day of oral treatment with ibrexafungerp (300mg of IDB) for their unresolved acute episode. Clinical protocols for Phase 3 trials may refer to efficacy applications that will be part of a new initial application (NDA) or a new Application of the License (BLA) or an additional efficacy to an approved NOA or BLA.

Simple Lease Agreement Florida

In addition, your rental agreement must meet specific florida rental requirements. The tenant has seven days to resolve the problem or the landlord`s records for eviction and termination of the lease. Termination lease letter (No. 83.57) – For the termination of a monthly month-to-month contract that must be sent at least fifteen (15) days before the next payment date. Federal law requires that all state leases and leases have the following information: No. The landlord is not obliged to rent again in case of a rent injury by the tenant. In the Florida rental agreement, the owner or owner of the land is not allowed to evict tenants without going through the legal process – self-help evictions. Subletting contract – The act of renting land rented by another tenant. The new tenant is designated a subtenant or subtenant and, as a general rule, the landlord must consent to this type of rent. Return to the Tenant (No. 83.49 (3) (a)) – The landlord has fifteen (15) days to return the deposit and all interest accrued after the end of the lease. Caution (No.

83.49) – This declaration must be included in any agreement. In addition, after the tenant deposits, the lessor must inform them within thirty (30) days during which the money is held and whether it is an interest-free or interest-free account. Step 11 – If there are points or conditions that must be specified or that are part of the lease, they must be listed under « Additional Provisions: Disclosures. » If there is not enough space, write it on a separate document and add it. Make sure both parties have such an initial facility. The Florida Sublease Agreement allows the current tenant of a rented property to rent part or all of the apartment to a subtenant for a monthly fee. The principal tenant continues to assume full responsibility for support and rents paid to the landlord. It is advisable to check Sublessees with a rental request for this reason. Mr. Befestov. or a tenant enters a Sublessee lake if he registers with his landlord… The commercial lease in Florida is a contract between a landlord of retail, office or commercial buildings and a commercial tenant. The document describes the length of the term, the purpose of the space, which is responsible for the services and all other rental conditions that the tenant must follow.

It is recommended that the owner of the land ask the requesting business tenant to enter into a rental application to obtain a realistic picture of the credit and credit… The following type tenancy agreement describes a contract between « owner » Anna Kyle and « Tenant » Nicole Chang. It agrees to rent a condo in Orlando for 800 $US per month for a fixed term beginning June 01, 2017 and ending August 31, 2017. The tenant agrees to pay for all services and services for the premises. Maximum term (No. 689.01) – A lease in the State of Florida can only be one (1) year, unless the lease is signed with two (2) witnesses present. Step 3 – In addition to the word « term, » indicate the day the lease comes into effect.

Share Purchase Agreement Acquisition

A « material scratcher » is a provision that is usually included in a BSG compensation clause to favour a buyer. As a general rule, it provides that when determining whether a submission is inaccurate or if a guarantee is breached, or when calculating the amount of damage or loss resulting from an inaccuracy or violation (or both) of any significant character or qualification of knowledge in the representations and guarantees provided by the seller for compensation purposes are flouted. A definitive sales contract (CCA) is a legal document that records the terms and conditions between two companies that enter into an agreement for a mergerAssociating two or more companies to a larger individual company. When accounting for a merger or consolidation, it is the combination of accounts.acquisitionMergers Acquisitions M-A ProcessThis guide guides you through all stages of the merger process. Find out how mergers and acquisitions and transactions are completed. In this guide, we will depreciate the acquisition process from start to finish, the different types of acquirers (strategic or financial purchases), the importance of synergies and transaction costs, the disposal (or disposal) of asset disposals or a commercial entity through a sale, exchange, closure or bankruptcy. Depending on why management has opted for the sale or liquidation of the company`s resources, a partial or total divestment may take place. Examples of divestitures include the sale of intellectual enterprises, joint ventures or a form of strategic alliances. It is a contract between the buyer and the seller that is binding on both parties and includes commercial terms such as acquired assets, purchase consideration, insurance and guarantees, transaction terms, etc. What do you think is essential for a share purchase agreement? The share purchase contract is often shortened as a « SPA. » To avoid doubts, please note that the generic term « purchase and sale contract » is sometimes shortened as a SPA. The concept of sale and sales contract generally includes the following: As a general rule, there is a time lag between the signing of the contract and the conclusion of the agreement, since some administrative authorization is required. In such a time interval, both parties must meet certain conditions for the agreement to be successfully concluded. If certain conditions are not met, the other party is not required to close the transaction.

Here are several advantages of an asset purchase transaction: the signing of a share purchase agreement is usually preceded by a legal review or « due diligence », i.e. the legal, accounting, financial and technical verification of the current situation of the business by the purchaser. To prevent the seller and the target company from affecting the business, a buyer will generally use pre-closing agreements to prohibit the target company, its shareholders, its directors and management: this is due to the fact that the parties sometimes feel it is appropriate to submit the final conclusion of the purchase transaction to a number of conditions that must be met within a specified period of time.

Separation Agreement Printable

Yes, a marriage separation agreement is legally binding, even in states that do not recognize separation without dissolution of marriage. Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Texas do not recognize the separation of legal separation as a formal status, but continue to view a marriage separation agreement as a binding contract between the parties. This type of agreement is usually filed in a court where a judge makes a court order granting the separation of the band to the separation of remedies. TO THIS POINT OF VUE: The parties to this agreement have agreed and within the Confederation to agree and be linked as follows: In the agreement, the couple should reach a consensus on the terms of their separation. You need to create the document to make things clearer for all parties involved. Resources such as the Gottman Institute, Mort Fertel`s fitness system and Suzanne Alexander`s marital transformation have contributed to knowledge of marital education and helped couples find a stronger marriage and/or learn to create a stronger marriage, even during a period of separation. Other types of separation patterns that you can use are such as relationship separation, separation agreement and property counting, separation and declassification, separation and separation of partners. The separation process can be emotionally difficult. For this reason, it can affect your ability to make decisions. Strong negative feelings about your spouse will not be helpful. A separation agreement is a document used by two persons in a marriage to distribute their assets and responsibilities in preparation for separation or divorce. If you can agree on the amount and duration of spousal benefits, which is fair and appropriate for both parties, it is likely that the same support arrangements will be included in your divorce judgment.

If these are complex real estate, retirement, custody or tax matters, talk to a lawyer or accountant to clarify the tax or legal consequences of your separation contract. A separation agreement and a divorce decree contain many identical conditions. If you want to create an excellent document, it should contain the necessary information. This includes: If you don`t want to download a model, you can also create one yourself. Once you`ve created the template, simply enter the terms of your contract. Also remember that you must have both parties signed before you have it certified by a notary. If you are able to agree on the spousal/family allowance and/or child care and/or child care allowance, details may be included in a divorce separation agreement. As long as the conditions are fair and realistic for both parties on the basis of the circumstances, the same conditions are likely to be an integral part of the divorce decision, but the courts have final discretion.

Avoid the stress and juicy price of disputes and resolve the separation issues between them with JotForm. If you and your spouse are on good terms, you can quickly establish a detailed separation agreement with our separation contract model. It immediately converts the information transmitted to a polished PDF file that you can download or print for your records or automatically email your spouse. They can also help you design the agreement well. Downloading a model is very convenient. But remember that they usually don`t contain all kinds of problems that you need to contain. According to this Forbes article, there are some possible benefits of separation and divorce: use a breakup form to document how to deal with all these things.

Sap Tcode Display Outline Agreement

The delivery plan is a long-term sales contract with the Kreditor, in which a creditor is required to provide equipment on pre-determined terms. Details of the delivery date and the amount communicated to the creditor in the form of the delivery plan. ME2C SAP tcode for – Orders by group of materials ME3B SAP tcode for – Outl. Provisions of the requirement no Contract The contract is a draft contract, and they do not contain delivery dates for the equipment. The contract consists of two types: the framework agreement is a long-term sales contract between Kreditor and Debitor. The structure agreement consists of two types: please, someone can give me the name of the table that stores the data of the agreement established with tcode ME31n. . Appendixes: Up to 10 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 1.0 Mb and a total of 10.5 Mb. For more information and documentation, visit the RM06EL00 program. . You already have an active moderator warning for this content. . .

. SAP Menu->Logistics->Materials Management->Purchasing->Purchase Order->Reporting->Reporting->Einkaufsinformationssystem->Umwelt->Dokument-Informations-> >Nach Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Materials Management->Einkaufen->Vereinbarung->Liste zeigt->Von Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Materials Management-> > > ->Einkaufsinformationssystem->Umwelt->Dokumentinformationen->Rahmen-Einkaufsvereinbarungen->Von Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Materials Management->Purchasing->RFQ/Quotation->Request for Quotation->Reporting->Einkaufsinformationssystem->Umwelt->Dokumentinformationen-> >Nach Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Materials Management-> >Stammdaten->Nachträgliche Abrechnung->Lieferantenrabattvereinbarungen->Umgebung->Vendor->Vendors->List Displays->Outline Agreements by Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Materials Management->Purchasing->Master Data->Subsequent Settlement->Vendor Rebate Arrangements->Environment->Condition/Arrangement->Rebate Arrangements->Purchase Contract->List->By Vendor SAP Menu->Logistik->Materialwirtschaft->Einkauf->Stammdaten->Nachträgliche Abrechnung->Kundenrabattvereinbarungen->Umwelt->Bedingung/Arrangement->Rabattvereinbarungen->Kaufvertrag->Liste->Nach Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Materials Management->Foreign Trade/Customs->Allgemeine Außenhandelsabwicklung->Umwelt->Kauf – Import->Einkauf-> Outline Agreement->List Displays->By Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Materials Management->Foreign Trade/Customs->Allgemeine Außenhandelsabwicklung->Umwelt->Purchase – Import->Purchase->Master Data->Subsequent settlement->Vendor Rebate Arrangements->Environment->Condition/Arrangement->Rebate Arrangements->Purchase Contract-> List->By Vendor SAP Menu-> Logistik->Materials Management->Foreign Trade/Customs->Allgemeine Außenhandelsabwicklung->Umwelt->Kauf – Import->Kauf->Master-Daten->Nachfolgende Abrechnung->Kundenrabattvereinbarungen->Umwelt->Konditions->Rabattvereinbarungen->Kaufvertrag->Liste->Durch Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics-> > >Allgemeine Außenhandelsabwicklung->Umwelt->Einkauf – Import->Einkauf->Umschlagvereinbarung->Listenanzeigen->Nach Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Sales and Distribution->Foreign Trade/Customs->Allgemeine Außenhandelsabwicklung->Umwelt->Einkauf – Import->Einkauf->Masterdaten->Nachträgliche Abrechnung->Vendor Rebate Arrangements->Umwelt->Bedingung/Arrangement->Rabattvereinbarungen->Kaufvertrag->Nach Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Sales and Distribution->Foreign Trade/Customs->Allgemeine Außenhandelsabwicklung->Umwelt->Kauf – Import->Einkauf->Stammdaten->Nachträgliche Abrechnung->Kundenrabattvereinbarungen->Umwelt->Bedingung-/Arrangement->Rabattvereinbarungen->Kaufvertrag-> List->Von Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Logistics Execution->JIT Outbound->Environment->Lists->Scheduling Agreement->Outline Agreements per Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Logistics Execution->JIT Outbound->Environment->Purchasing->Purchase Order->Reporting ->Einkaufsinformationssystem->Umwelt->Dokumentinformationen->Umreißen sie Einkaufsvereinbarungen->Von Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Logistics Execution->JIT Outbound->Environment->Purchasing->Outline Agreement->List Displays->By Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Logistics Execution >JIT Outbound->Environment->Einkaufs->Vereinbarung->Reporting->Einkaufsinformationssystem->Umwelt->Dokumentinformationen-> Purchase Contracts Umoutline->By Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics->Gistics Execution->JIT Outbound->Environment->Revolt >RF Q/>Information->Information of >Reporting-> >Kaufskaufs >ssystem > >A >près Vendor SAP Menu->Logistics >SEdics Execution->JIT Outbound->Invironment->Purchasing->Master Data->Subsent Seleme

Sample Div 7A Loan Agreement

The maximum term of a loan secured by a real estate mortgage is 25 years. The entire loan must be secured by a mortgage registered through the property. When the loan is first taken over, the market value of the property (deducted from the debts guaranteed by the property in the priority of the loan) must be at least 110% of the loan amount. LightYear Docs Division 7A`s loan agreement meets with ATO guidelines for a loan agreement between shareholders and the company. Use this 7A Division Loan Agreement if a private company lends money to its directors or shareholders or associates of its directors or shareholders. Terry Pty Ltd awards US$20,000 to Ann, shareholder of Terry Pty Ltd. The money is lent to Ann on the basis that she will repay it if she can. The $20,000 is a loan from Terry Pty Ltd to Ann because it is a cash advance, and Division 7A can apply. Hilda Pty Ltd secured a mortgage on real estate to a partner of a shareholder, Sachin. The term of the loan was 25 years. However, after 20 years, the terms of the loan are changed, so that it is no longer guaranteed by a mortgage on the real estate. If the term of the old secured loan is less than 18 years, the maximum term of the unsecured loan would be seven years.

However, in this case, the initial secured loan had been in existence for more than 18 years. Therefore, the maximum term of the loan in the written agreement on the new loan is five years (seven years less than the number of years in which the existing loan exceeded 18 years). The repayment of the original $10,000 loan is not a repayment for sections 109D. This is because Alicia borrowed a similar amount from Cleary Pty Ltd and in this case a reasonable person could conclude that the loan was obtained to repay the initial $10,000. A number of payments made by a shareholder or his partner to a private company for a loan are not taken into account when developing the annual minimum repayment or repayment of the loan. The purpose of Division 7A of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (Act) is to prevent private companies from distributing tax-exempt profits to their directors and shareholders in the form of loans. Division 7A – Payments and Loans Through a Loan Agreement is an agreement between two parties, in which one party (the lender) agrees to grant a loan to the other (the borrower).

Rta Variation Agreement

In order to avoid confusion, the parties are asked to confirm in writing what was agreed at the end of the lease and what is necessary. Since the lease was entered into before September 29, the lease is valid until the end date and the tenant cannot be cleared for rent arrears during that period unless he does not comply with the terms of the rent modification agreement. Sometimes landlords and tenants want to change an existing lease or extend it for an additional period of time. For one person: enter your full legal name in the rental agreement. Landlords must verify the identity of the tenant before moving in. You can download our rental application form before below. Owners cannot simply include conditions they want in the rental agreement. All additional conditions must be in accordance with the law. Download the rental agreement below.

Download the rental agreement below. To reach an agreement, the parties can use the RTA`s free mediation service to contribute to a viable agreement. We have a lease and a retirement contract for the owners. Owners can also create their own, provided they contain the minimum information required by law. A tenancy agreement is a contract between a landlord and a tenant. It contains everything a landlord and tenant have agreed on the rental agreement. If a commercial tenant`s ability to fill rents has been affected by unexpected difficulties (e.g.B. loss of income due to problems related to COVID-19), this agreement allows you to help a landlord negotiate a moratorium on all or part of a tenant`s rent. With the contract, the landlord and tenant can agree to reduce rents for a specified period of time and, if the landlord cannot afford to bear the full loss of income, an agreement can be reached so that the tenant can repay all or part of the rent reduction.

As of September 30, 2020, the landlord may terminate the tenant`s termination because he does not meet the terms of the tenancy agreement. This particular term has been published now and can be chosen by clicking the List Selection button when you click « Special Conditions » (point 7) or in the « Special Conditions » field or in the « Right Click » field and choose « Choose from a List » in the contextual menu.