Different Types Of Licence Agreement

The party that owns the intellectual property (the licensor) receives a payment (a royalty) if the other (the licensee) uses the IP. A licence shall be issued by a party of another Party under an agreement between those Parties. In the case of a licence issued by a government, the licence is obtained by application. In the case of a private party, this is done through a specific agreement, usually in writing (e.g.B. a rental agreement or another contract). The simplest definition is « a license is a promise not to file a complaint », because with the exception of a marriage license (which only grants official recognition of the relationship between the two people), a license of the licensed party allows either to carry out an illegal and criminal activity without the license (for example. B fishing, driving a car or operating a radio or television channel), or allows the conceded party to do something that would violate the rights of the conceding party (e.g. .